What Does Not From Concentrate Mean? 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Wondering what the difference is between juices that are “from concentrate” and “not from concentrate”? Well, time to concentrate, because we have the answers! 

Grab your paper straws and dive into our guide to discover the meaning of “from concentrate” and “not from concentrate”. 

What are juice concentrates? 

Juice concentrates are the thick, syrupy liquids you’re left with after squeezing fruits and vegetables and extracting the water from the juices. 

Removing and evaporating the water is the process used to create concentrated juice. This saves transportation space and slows the growth of bacteria. This is why juices from concentrate often have longer sell by and use by dates than freshly squeezed juices. 

What does “from concentrate” mean? 

“From concentrate” means the juice is filtered and processed to extract the water after the fruit is pressed. Concentrated juices are then heated, frozen and transported before the water is re-added. Sometimes, sugars and sweeteners are added to concentrated juices alongside the water. 

How is juice from concentrate made? 

  1. 1. Whole fruits are given a thorough scrubbing 
  1. 2. These fruits are then crushed or blended to make a juicy pulp 
  1. 3. Water is extracted and evaporated from the pulp 
  1. 4. The pulp is frozen and transported 
  1. 5. Water is re-added to the pulp 
  1. 6. The now concentrated juice is pasteurised, bottled and sold 

What does “not from concentrate” mean? 

“Not from concentrate” means a juice has been created with no water extraction. Commonly referred to as “pressed juice”, this means the juice is pasteurised earlier on in its minimal production process. 

How is juice “not from concentrate” made? 

  1. 1. Whole fruits are given a thorough scrubbing 
  1. 2. Juices are pressed from the fruits by crushing or blending them 
  1. 3. The juice is pasteurised, bottled and sold  

NFCs (not to be confused with NFTs, although these juices are rich in flavour!) often contain zero additives. This means they taste a tad fresher, but the simpler process does mean a slight sacrifice in shelf life. Fortunately, our fresh juices taste so good that you’ll never get near the shelf life! 

Difference between concentrated and not from concentrate 

The key differences between concentrated and unconcentrated juices are the way in which each one is made and their varied shelf lives. If a concentrated juice has added sweeteners, these sugars can also make them less healthy and nutritious than those “not from concentrate”. 

What does freshly squeezed juice mean? 

Freshly squeezed juices are what they say on the tin. Or in our case, the returnable glass bottle. These juices have been extracted from freshly pressed fruits and vegetables, ensuring maximum flavour and freshness. 

If a juice has been freshly squeezed, like our lovely glass-bottled OJ (which is made using oranges squeezed right here in the UK, by the way), it means it’s not from concentrate and contains only 100% au naturale fruit juice.  

How good is our freshly squeezed OJ, we hear you ask? Well, one reviewer did recently describe it as “amazingly delicious” on Trustpilot. Just sayin’. It’s not bragging if it’s someone else’s words, right? 

The juicy lowdown on our fresh drinks 

Delivered in return and reuse glass bottles, our fruit juices make protecting the planet easy peasy orange squeezy.  

But from concentrate, or not from concentrate? That is the question. 

The juicy lowdown on our range of farm-fresh fruit drinks: 

  • Orange juice: this glass of sunshine is made from concentrate 
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice: this juice is fresher than a certain Prince of Bel-Air, and is not from concentrate 
  • – Pineapple juice: this tropical treat is made from concentrate 
  • – Tropical juice: made up of mango, banana, apple, orange and pineapple, this spectacularly sippable summer treat is made from concentrate 
  • Apple juice: our apple juice has sustainability at its core, and is made from concentrate 
  • Cranberry juice: this juice is crammed with cranberries and made from concentrate 

Check out our BRAND-NEW pressed apple juice and see if you can taste whether it’s concentrated or unconcentrated*! 

*Spoiler alert, it’s not from concentrate. 

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