Sustainable Swaps for a Plastic Free Home 

Written by Sophie Leeming

Ah, summer holidays! The time when our thoughts wander lustfully to sipping Singapore slings in, well, Singapore, dribbling gelato down our chins in the bustling piazzas of Rome or shimmying our way into samba-shenanigans in Rio. It’s the season of sun and fun, where we can forget about the to-do lists, virtual meetings and that annoying dripping kitchen tap that hasn’t been fixed for months.  

Although we can’t help you plan your next all-inclusive to a far-flung destination, we can help you plan a different kind of holiday for Plastic Free July – one that sends pesky packaging packing instead! 

Welcome to the ultimate staycation, where you can embark on a fast-track four-week journey to plastic free kitchen islands and garden retreats. But forget long supermarket queues and excess baggage, you don’t have to travel too far to make the most of this holiday. This adventure starts right on your doorstep with these simple sustainable ideas available on our milkround. 

From home-compostable cleaning products to ground-breaking glass-bottle kefir, join us as we jet-set through the Modern Milkman world of eco-friendly essentials. And let’s leave single-use plastics where it belongs – heading for the departure gate. 

Why reduce single-use plastic at home? 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the warm sun on our faces and the cool seawater around us while on a summer holiday. It’s the ultimate beachy relaxation. But wait, what’s that tickling your toes? Oh, it’s a plastic bag. And what’s that bumping against your leg? Ugh, it’s a plastic bottle. Suddenly, that relaxing float turns into a stressful game of dodge the plastic debris. 

It’s not just a nuisance – it’s a serious problem that’s causing tidal waves of damage to the environment and harming ocean ecosystems. In fact, experts estimate that there are 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic debris floating in our oceans. And each year, around 12 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into the sea, harming 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals. 

But all is not lost at sea. Every journey to a plastic free lifestyle begins with a single (door)step. And we can start by tackling the 40 kg of plastic the average UK household throws away every year. By simply reducing our reliance on single-use plastics at home and choosing products with minimal plastic packaging, we can prevent waste from reaching our oceans. Meaning, we can protect marine life and keep our beautiful beaches as clean as a fresh beach towel! 

What are three ways to reduce single-use plastic in the kitchen? 

1. Seep compostable sponge 

Most dish sponges are made of plastic. But our Seep sponge isn’t like most others. Whether you’re camping in the woods, caravanning by the coast or only just getting to last Sunday’s dishes, our eco-friendly sponge will keep your pots, pans, and the ocean squeaky clean. With its double-sided design, you can scrub away tough food stains with the loofah plant side and gently clean your delicate dinnerware with the all-natural wood-pulp cellulose side. It even retains more washing-up liquid than the average sponge, so you can spend less time washing and more time soaking up the sun. 

Fully home-compostable, cut it up into chunks for your compost bin when it’s time to say goodbye. It’s destination flower bed for these sustainable sponges. 

2. Kefir 

If you’re all about immersing yourself in different cultures during your holidays, then you’ll love our Kefir! Not only does it support your digestive and immune health, but it also supports the planet. As the UK’s first-ever drinking yoghurt to be delivered in a reusable glass bottle, it’s the slickest way to bring some positive kefir karma to the kitchen.  

Use it to add a cultured twist to your favourite dishes, from creamy curries to spicy kebabs, salads and smoothies. Not at the same time, of course! And there’s no need to bust a gut disposing of the packaging. Our milkies will whisk them away from your doorstep, ready to be used again and again. 

3. Yockenthwaite granola 

Enjoy a great granola getaway from single-use plastic courtesy of Yockenthwaite Farm. From oaty granola to nutty granola, dive into the chunkiest, tastiest bowl of wholesome goodness made from freshly-rolled oats, spelt flour and raw honey. With packaging that uses cellulose from renewable wood starch, it contains no plastic whatsoever. Which means no plastic wrappers cluttering up your kitchen islands (or our great British Islands either). It even makes a trusty plastic free companion for our glass-bottled Kefir. Because why not! You’re on a plastic free holiday!  

What are three ways to reduce single-use plastic in the bathroom? 

1. Miniml anti-bac cleaner starter pack 

Our refillable anti-bac cleaner starter pack will keep your bathroom sparkling clean no matter where you roam. Made by Miniml with natural ingredients and scented with the relaxing aroma of French lavender, this eco-friendly cleaner wipes out 99.9% of germs without any harsh chemicals. And with our easy refill system, you can keep your reusable glass bottle stocked up and ready for your next cleaning adventure. Simply swap the head over from your finished 500ml bottle to your new refill, leave your empties and caps on the doorstep for us to collect, and hey presto! You’re well on your way to a sparkling summer.  

2. Seep all-natural rubber gloves  

These gloves might not be as glamorous as sipping cocktails by an infinity pool, but they’ll certainly make cleaning feel like an eco-friendly breeze with their FSC certified rubber and 100% natural cotton flock lining (plastic free and good for the planet for those lost in translation). They may even make you feel excited about cleaning! Okay, yeah, we heard it too. More like mildly tolerate, maybe. A lot like taking awkward tourist photos for other people. 

And if these gloves have seen better days after a long cleaning crusade, they can be cut up and tossed into your home-composting bin. Where you can watch them disappear like an ice cream in the range of a toddler. 

3. Who Gives A Crap toilet paper 

Summer adventures await, and our Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is ready to roll with you! Whether you’re staycationing, backpacking or camping, this 3-ply, 100% recycled paper will keep your tush happy and the planet even happier. And they both deserve the very best, don’t they? Not only is this toilet paper soft and strong, but it also comes with a bright red emergency roll. So you know exactly when to get your bum in gear to order another pack. What a way to make a splash in the world of sustainability. 

What are three ways to reduce single-use plastic in the lounge?  

1. Crisps 

Need some salt and savoury snacks to fuel your summer of sustainability? Lightly salted, Hereford Hop cheese and onion, salt and cider vinegar, our hand cooked crisps in compostable bags are always ready to go. Made from award-winning potatoes grown in the heart of the English countryside, each crisp is packed with a fiesta of flavour. And from harvest to pack, every step is powered by renewable energy, ensuring a sustainable snack when it comes to the crunch!  

2. Chocoloato 

Ready to let chocolatey waves of plastic free happiness wash over you? Thought so! Holidays are all about indulging in the sweet things in life, and nothing says treat yourself like our Chocoloato by Oato. Made with high-quality cocoa, it’s a tasty, refreshing reminder that the world is full of delicious sustainable surprises waiting to be discovered. Especially, on a July getaway from single-use plastic. 

3. Pastries 

Bring the plastic free continental breakfast buffet to your lounge with a selection of sustainably packaged pastries. Flaky, freshly baked, and flavourful, they pack more je ne sais quoi than a French mime on holiday. Pain au chocolat? Got those. Pain au raisins? Got those too. And not forgetting the all-butter croissants. We’re practically a Parisian patisserie on wheels and doorsteps.  

The real cherry on top of the crispy croissant is the recyclable and home compostable bag they arrive in. They take up to 12 weeks to breakdown in your compost bin (in a good way, not like crying in a traffic jam breakdown). But this can be made even speedier by cutting the bags up into small chunks. Or as the French say, petit pieces.  

What are three ways to reduce single-use plastic in the garden? 

1. Sparkling water 

The sun has got its hat on, so if you love relaxing with a fresh, cool drink, take off to the garden with our Crag sparkling spring water. It’s just one of the ways we’ve prevented a whopping 77 million plastic bottles from polluting our planet.  

Sourced from an ancient spring in the Peak District, it’s lightly carbonated and almost 100% free from nitrates and sodium. Order from our app or website and it will land on your doorstep in a returnable glass bottle. When you’ve slurped every last sip, we collect each bottle for Crag to wash and refill. So, you can dive in without having to worry about microplastics and recycling. And if you close your eyes really tight, you could convince yourself you’re drinking refreshing sparkling water on an ornate terrace in Italy. Really tight, though.  

2. Pineapple juice 

Why travel far and wide when you can have a taste of something exotic delivered straight to your doorstep? Our delicious pineapple juice in a return and reuse glass bottle is the perfect companion for a plastic free getaway in the garden. Sweet, tart and tangy, transport yourself to a pineapple paradise with every sip, and feel as refreshed as a cucumber in a Hammam spa. All without leaving the comfort of your backyard. The only thing missing is your favourite eye-watering Hawaiian shirt. 

3. Miniml hand soap starter pack 

Embarking on a hands-on summer escapade? Get our eco-friendly hand soap on standby. Infused with cucumber and aloe vera extract, our reusable glass bottle of soap is made with natural ingredients, and will leave your hands feeling clean, soft and smelling like a tropical paradise – no matter where your travels take you. When you’ve used the last drop, our easy refill system means you can leave your empties on the doorstep and let us take care of the rest. It’s like having your own personal hand soap concierge service. Sustainability and convenience – they just go hand in hand on our milkround. 

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