How to prevent energy waste

Written by The Modern Milkman

 How to prevent energy waste in the New Year

If you’re part of our milkround, you’re already helping to reduce plastic waste, but if you want to go one step further, here are a few extra tips to save energy around the home, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and household bills.

Use a smart power strip
A smart power strip is the perfect way to combat spiralling electricity usage, during lockdown. This device lets you choose what you want to keep on or turn off at any given time. That means you can easily prioritise what you do and don’t want to keep running.

Be economical with your radiators
Bleeding radiators can help your heating system to run more efficiently. And if you’re working from home during the day, it could be a good idea to turn off the radiators in the rooms you’re not using. This could save you more energy than you think.

Optimise your fridge space
Try to avoid putting hot food straight in the fridge as this can raise the temperature of the fridge. This can waste energy and mean your fridge is not at optimum temperature to keep food fresh. It’s also a good idea to organise the shelf space and not overload your fridge, as this can make it run less efficiently.

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