Upcycling Your Old Veg Boxes

Written by The Modern Milkman

Upcycling your old veg boxes

Our veg boxes come in cardboard boxes, which you can put in your paper recycling bin when you’ve finished. But if you want to get creative, here are a few ways you can reuse them…

Protect your floors when decorating
Cardboard is great for protecting floors and other surfaces from paint splatter and other DIY materials, such as plaster and caulk. Just break the boxes open along the seams, and lay the cardboard down flat on thesurface you’re trying to protect. You can stick cardboard to skirting boards, wooden floors and tiles etc. with tape. And it could save you from a lot of effing and jeffing.

Cardboard boxes make great storage solutions
You can use cardboard boxes for storing old documents, unused toys, pots and pans, or whatever else is cluttering your home. You can also cut the cardboard up and use it for drawer dividers, to keep things nice and organised. We’re talking to hardcore hoarders here; you know who you are!

Young kids love cardboard boxes
Toddlerslove playing with cardboard boxes as they are. While slightly older children might like to get creative, by turning them into forts, pretend cars or television sets etc. Let their imaginations run wild. Just make sure there aren’t any staples before you do.

Make a cat playhouse
Cats also enjoy playing with cardboard boxes. And you can have fun converting them into a cat playhouse, with entrances and windows to keep your feline friends entertained. And it might give them something more interesting to scratch than your new three-piece suite!

If you’ve got any other imaginative ways to reuse your cardboard boxes, we’d love to hear your ideas!

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