Seven things you oat to know…

Written by The Modern Milkman

With the introduction of our new cereals range from our friends The Hird’s at Yockenthwaite Farm, we thought we’d have a look at the super health benefits of oats, which make up most of what they do.

To be honest, the benefits even shocked us. And we take some shocking!

Of course these benefits are in addition to them being absolutely delicious, supporting local producers and reducing plastic. Who knew that porridge could be so winning at life!

  1. 1. It’s a good replacement for sunshine – They’re rich in vitamin B6, the vitamin responsible for the production of the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is the ‘happy feeling’ experienced at times of relaxation, During the summer months we get plenty of the B6 vitamin from the seasonal weather, however, but we know what British winters are like. So replace sunshine with oats!
  2. 2. Fights infection – Of all the cereals on offer, porridge oats have the most protein pound for pound than any other breakfast option. Protein is the nutrient responsible for the growth and repair of the body. It’s also vital in the functioning of our immune system. Fight winter illness with porridge!
  3. 3. Kick start your day – Oats contain a complex carbohydrate source. This is slow releasing meaning that a bowl for breakfast will set you up with a steady level of energy and will enhance your focus for the morning work load. On top of an energy boost this carbohydrate source is a regulator for your blood sugar levels. Win win.
  4. 4. The perfect diet weapon – In a world of never ending diets, fads and workout routines oats are the best kept secret. The facts don’t lie. Oats are 100% natural and sugar, salt and additives free. A typical bowl of oats in the morning amounts to as little as 171 calories. Not a bad exchange of calories for a morning of fulness.
  5. 5. Fights heart disease – Oats are rich in fibre and as fibre has been conclusively proven to reduce the risk of heart disease it’s a tool in your box for prevention. Porridge oats also contain avenanthramides. I know, big word. Avenanthramides are responsible for stopping blood cells sticking to artery walls which prevents the fatty deposits which cause heart disease. Stick oats to your arteries, not blood cells!
  6. 6. Contains the good stuff – Porridge oats contain minerals vital for the body’s function. More specifically, manganese found in oats is a mineral that is important for bone health and brain function. Zinc, a mineral that porridge oats are full off is a major contributor to the functioning of the body’s immune system. That’s important for us not just at winter, but year round
  7. 7. Reduces blood pressure – A recent study found that 73% of participants blood pressure more than halved and heavily reduced medication intake after introducing oats into their daily diet.

If those seven things don’t have you rushing for a bag of oaty goodness, then we don’t know what will!

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