Vegan and Vegetarian BBQ Recipes and Ideas

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Veggie and Vegan BBQ Recipes

When the sweet, smoky smells of a barbecue waft through your garden, love is truly in the air. But anyone can simply heat meat; it takes a true culinary ‘ledge’ to master BBQ veg. 

Become a natural-born griller with our delicious vegan and vegetarian barbecue recipes and ideas, including skewers, marinades and more! 

Whether you’re wowing crowds or barbie-ing on a budget, our plastic and waste-free guide will have you chillin’ and grillin’ in no time.

Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

We’re not blowing smoke when we say our Modern Milkman vegetarian BBQ recipes are some of the best in town. 

Grilled peppers

BBQ peppers recipe

Peppers are among the easiest and tastiest vegetables to grill on your BBQ. Charred, tender and beautifully sweet, this grilled pepper recipe is everything you want on a summer afternoon.

Vegetable BBQ skewers

Vegetable skewers

You can’t have a BBQ without a few veggie kebabs knocking about. Our vegetable BBQ skewers are also vegan, so everyone can enjoy them.

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables

Grilled vegetable recipe

Grab a Med Veg bundle and enjoy a colourful combo of gorgeous grilled Mediterranean vegetables, undeniably one of our simplest yet most delicious vegetarian BBQ recipes!

Portobello mushroom burger

Mushroom burger recipe

Combining sweet crunchy pepper with juicy mushrooms, our plastic free portobello mushroom burger recipe is so lush, your guests will constantly be asking for more!

Barbecue nibbles and sides 

Everyone knows that the best veggie barbecue dishes take craft, care and time. The last thing you need is hungry guests and rumbling tummies lingering around your grill. Fend off the baying mob with these nibbles and side dishes.

Beetroot top dip

Tell waste to beat it

Combat food waste and make the most of your beetroot stalks with this delightful Beetroot Top Dip, which goes great with sourdough!

Roasted cauliflower leaves

Cauliflower Leaves Recipe

As scrumptious as it is healthy, our roasted cauliflower leaves recipe is guaranteed to wow your guests. 

BBQ corn on the cob

BBQ Corn on the Cob

What this BBQ corn on the cob recipe lacks in complexity and difficulty, it more than makes up for in flavour.

Barbecued broccoli

BBQ Broccoli

Broccoli is as versatile as Meryl Streep’s IMDB page. Don’t believe us? Try our chargrilled broccoli recipe. 

BBQ potatoes

BBQ Potatoes

Few people think of having potatoes for a barbecue. But when your drunkest guest starts swinging around the whirligig, you’ll regret not supplying alcohol-soaking carbs! 

Barbecue marinades

A marinade can make or break a plastic free BBQ. So, it’s a jolly good job we’ve got you (and your food) covered with these tasty recipes! 

Harissa and honey marinade

Behold, the pièce de résistance of your sizzling spread. To make this marinade, blend two tablespoons of rose harissa paste with two tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of honey and two crushed garlic cloves.

Garlic and onion BBQ marinade

Add a splash of garlic and onion to your vegetable skewers for an extra flavour boost. This simple marinade recipe can be made by blending one small onion and four cloves of garlic with 40ml of red wine vinegar, 50ml of olive oil and a handful of rosemary and parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Barbecue cocktails and mocktails


You’d be forgiven for thinking the Bs in BBQ stand for booze and bevs, because no barbie is complete without a delicious selection of refreshments. 
Our barbecue drink recipes have something for everyone, including summer mocktails for the all-important, heroic designated drivers!

Garden party mocktail

It’s not a garden party without the aptly named garden party mocktail. Fragrant and tart, this tastes delicious as a gin cocktail, too.

Picnic mocktail 

Sweet, floral and refreshing, this is what summer’s all about. And it’s just as tasty as a mocktail as it is a gin-infused cocktail. 

Summertime punch mocktail 

This is a drink that does exactly what it says on the tin. To make it an adults-only cocktail, just add a dash of vodka. 

Virgin Piña Colada 

A creamy, refreshingly sweet treat that perfectly complements the smoky, sizzling flavours of a barbecue. 

Wanna spice things up a bit? Add a splash of rum to make this mocktail an alcoholic cocktail. 

Summer salads 

A barbecue is only as good as it’s leafy sidekick, and our summer salads are up there with Robin, Gromit and Samwise Gamgee. 

Carrot and beetroot salad

Combining the sweetness of carrots with earthy beetroot and citric orange, when it comes to zest, this Carrot and Beetroot Salad is simply the best.

Summer fruit salad

A bowl of sunshine

When the sun’s got his hat on, it’s time for this fresh, tasty Summer Fruit Salad to come out and play.

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