How To Build Your Cardboard Milk Box 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

how to build your cardboard milkbox

Our fancy new Milk Box has arrived, and it’s the best cardboard cut-out since your mum bought that life-size Robbie Williams off eBay back in the early noughties. 

Made from double insulated, 100% recyclable and home-compostable cardboard, our milk box is the most efficient and affordable way to beat the heat with your doorstep deliveries. 

Construct your Milk Box in 7 simple steps 

Follow our instructions to keep your plastic free produce chillin’ in a box, chillin’ in a cardboard box. 

The outer box: 

  1. 1. Establish your pieces. One will have printed wording on, the other will not. The printed piece of cardboard is your outer layer. 
  2. 2. Place the outer layer flat on the floor, ensuring the QR code is facing upwards. 
  3. 3. The area with the QR code should be on the bottom (closest to you), so it’s upside down. This is your lid. 
  4. 4. Fold the flaps around the lid (the panel with the QR code) inwards, allowing the longer side pieces to curl inwards at the bottom to make your lid.  
  5. 5. Bring up the sides to start building the main part of the box, making sure the small flaps are on the inside of the box. 
  6. 6. Fold over the longer flaps to secure the structure. 
  7. 7. Place the inner liner on its side and slot it into the box. 

How to beat the heat with your fancy new Milk Box

Once you’ve constructed your new coolbox, complete these simple steps to get it up and running on your doorstep: 

  1. 1. Place an ice pack or metal bottle half-filled with frozen water inside of your Milk Box.  
  2. 2. Put the Milk Box on your doorstep the night before your next delivery, and update your delivery instructions
  3. 3. Leave your empties on the outside. Your Milk box is for VIPs only – that’s Very Important Produce, by the way. 
  4. 4. Your milkie will collect your empties and place your new items in the Milk Box, ready for you to bring it back indoors along with your tasty, fresh new groceries in the morning. 

What to do when your box becomes an ex-box 

Unlike plastic, cardboard doesn’t last forever, making it much better for the environment. This does, however, mean that your cardboard Milk Box will last roughly 2-4 weeks before it’s defeated by condensation. 

The good news is that, once your Milk Box becomes an ex-box (and not the fun video game type), you can chuck it straight in your recycling or cut it up and put it in your home compost, because it’s made of 100% cardboard! 

Look how much plastic we've saved!


Plastic bottles saved and counting


Wheelie bins of plastic saved from landfill

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