Meet the Winner of Our Message on a Bottle Competition 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Congratulations Bella-Rae

You’ve sent a message on a bottle to save our oceans 

When the Modern Milkman team and I came up with the idea for a competition to design our new milk bottles, we wanted kids to send a message to the older generation about the plastic waste destroying our oceans. 

We were inspired by our founder’s little daughter, Fern, who encouraged her classmates to take part in a litter pick during their lunch break (talk about a chip off the old block). And we thought it would be great to get more children involved in sustainability. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better response to the competition. And all the artwork is beautiful and heartfelt. But one design, and the little eco-artist behind it, stood out.   

Bella-Rae’s message from the heart 

Bella-Rae’s artwork is quirky and fun but has a serious message about saving our oceans. 

She explains, “I wanted to help tell everyone to look after our oceans and keep them safe. I also like drawing; it’s my favourite thing.  

“I chose to draw marine animals because it’s their homes being polluted with plastic, and I want to keep them safe. I am sooo excited to see my picture on my own milk bottle, I can’t wait for it to come.” 

A message all mums can relate to 

Bella-Rae’s mum, Mileeka explains, “Bella-Rae is very passionate about what she can do to help with climate change and environmental issues.  

“It’s been lovely seeing Bella-Rae so passionate about this, and together we have been learning about positive changes we can make as a family.” 

We think it’s great to hear parents learning about sustainability together, which is why we’ve set up a range of children’s activities and teacher’s tools to educate, inspire change and help reduce eco-anxiety. 

Learn more about eco-anxiety 

Show your kids our activities

Mum and daughter learning about sustainability together 

Bella-Rae’s mum continues, “It’s been a learning curve for myself and a joy learning with Bella-Rae on all the positive changes we can make together. 

“She completed her first beach clean this summer 2022, which was a real eye-opener for both of us – seeing the amount of rubbish found on the beaches.” 

Bella-Rae explains, “I felt happy that I was helping to keep our beaches clean. But when I found all the rubbish on the beaches, it made me feel sad because it could get swept into the ocean.”  

Keep up the excellent work, Bella-Rae! We hope your story will inspire more kids and parents to learn more about sustainability.  

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Bella-Rae's winning design displayed on one of our glass bottles

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