What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Written by Justin Thompson

Cold-pressed juice is more popular than ever!

You’ve probably seen it on social media, in health magazines, or heard us shouting about our brand-new range from Flawsome! But what exactly is cold-pressed juice? What’s so special about it? Why is it cold?

We’ll answer all your burning questions (and then some), so read on to learn more about all that juice.

What does ‘cold-pressed’ mean?

Cold-pressed refers to how the juice is made.

A hydraulic press squishes the fruit into juice without generating heat. This heat-free process helps the juice retain higher amounts of vitamins, as nutrients like Vitamin C, or Theramine, are vulnerable to heat degradation. As such, cold-pressed juice is unpasteurised and, theoretically, better for you than freshly squeezed or blended juices.

Cold-pressed juices typically have a single ingredient – fruit – so they aren’t padded with extra sugars or artificial sweeteners. Also, when juice is squeezed from several fruits or vegetables, it’s likely to have a wider array of nutrients per ounce than a single piece of fruit.

Is there a difference between cold-pressed and other juice?

While cold-pressed juice can be more nutritionally dense, the difference between cold-pressed and other juices lies in how they’re made.

‘Regular’ juice is pasteurised.

It’s heated to kill bacteria and create a longer shelf life.

Cold-pressed juice isn’t pasteurised.

Cold-pressed juice is only made using a hydraulic press, where no heat is generated in the manufacturing. Because of this, it’s got a shorter shelf life (about three days), so it’s best to drink up once you get it.

Is cold-pressed juice good for you?

The short answer – yes.

The long answer? Since cold-pressed juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients, it’s a great way to get that daily dose of ‘good.’ And, since juices often pack in more than one kind of fruit, it’s like you’re drinking the nutrients of a fruit salad!

Like most things in life, juice is best enjoyed in moderation, as it’s still high in fruit sugars without the extra fibre.

Now, what’s the difference between slow-juicing and cold-pressed?

There aren’t any! Both use the same process of smashing fruit between two metal plates and don’t use heat to treat the final product.

Whereas you can generally find cold-pressed juices in your supermarket or our milkround, ‘slow’ juices are typically homemade.

It’s a fantastic way of saving money while getting optimal juice, but if you’d rather save the kitchen counter space, we can deliver cold-pressed juices right to your door.

Try for yourself!

Our Flawsome! range of cold-pressed and sparkling fruit juices are packed full of nutrients and flavour, and they help save wonky unloved fruits from landfill, too.

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