Zero Waste Sparkling Cocktail Recipes 

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

Get wasted without the waste

Flawsome! sparkling drinks are bursting with fantastically fruity flavours, making them an excellent addition to a cheeky stiff one. Explore our intoxicatingly delicious, plastic free cocktail recipes to get wasted, without the waste! 

What are Flawsome! sparkling drinks? 

Flawsome! is a B Corp accredited fruit juice maker, who pride themselves on crafting delicious, nutritious drinks from wonky fruits. 

Delivered in indefinitely recyclable cans, their sparkling range has helped rescue over 24 million surplus fruits from being wasted. Flawsome!ā€™s sparkling range is available in a range of flavours, both individually and as part of our sparkling bundle

Each drink saves at least two fruits from being needlessly thrown away. Flavours include: 

The only thing wonderfully wonkier than the fruits going into our Flawsome!-inspired cocktail recipes will be your dance moves after sinking a few of them. Just remember to drink responsibly! 

So, ready to sip on sustainability? 

Cherry Basil Smash 

A lemon, apple and cherry combo that packs a punch! 



This oneā€™s nice and simple. Just add all the ingredients to a shaker and pour away, before adding a small handful of basil. 

Pretty in Pink 

Who needs a night on the town when you can make delicious bevs like this from the comfort of your own home? No waste. No plastic. No expensive taxi fares! 



Toss all the above in a glass, give it a stir, and garnish with a pinch of fresh rosemary. 

Tropical breeze 

An exotic bev that will instantly put you in holiday mode, no matter the weather. 



Mix the ingredients together in a shaker or glass and finish off with a wedge of lime for that extra citrus kick.

Strawberry and Apple Gin Martini Fizz 

Ah the martini… Try our recipe for a tantalising twist on the old classic. 



Stir or shake the gin and vermouth with ice, before straining into a glass. Top up your drink with sparkling juice and garnish with a slice of apple. 

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