Our Impact Report 2022

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

And just like that it’s now 2023 (that was quick!). You know what that means, it’s time for our brand-new 2022 Impact Report! At the end of 2021, we created ambitious targets for the next twelve months, let’s see how we fared this year. 

Unpredictable obstacles, still lots to celebrate 

We can all agree that 2022 was a tad unpredictable, which meant we faced lots of unforeseen challenges. That being said, we managed to accomplish a lot of exciting things, including:  

Show us the report already! 

Okay, okay, we’ll stop talking. Take a look at our 2022 Impact Report below, along with our brand-new goals for 2023.  

Our 2021 Impact Report

This is your report as much as ours   

It’s not a school report, so don’t panic. Although, our customers would get an A* if it were. This report highlights our environmental credentials. And we’re sharing it with our milkround customers because we’re all working towards the same environmental mission – to reduce plastic waste.   

We do the right thing 

That’s why we’re publishing all the data from our environmental impact report and making it public. We want to be as transparent as a glass bottle and commit to improving areas where we fall short. We’ve never greenwashed in our lives, and we’re not about to start now.  

393.4 tonnes of plastic saved in 2021 

Read our environmental highlights for 2021 and our commitments for the future. For example, did you know we use biodegradable pallet wrap in our delivery hubs or that we’ve switched to an eco-friendly web browser that plants trees for profits? If you’re interested to find out more, download a paper-free copy of our environmental impact report below. 

Look how much plastic we've saved!


Plastic bottles saved and counting


Wheelie bins of plastic saved from landfill

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