How To Make Your Pancakes Plastic Free

Written by Justin Thompson

It’s almost Pancake Day, so to help celebrate the day right, we’re giving you some tips and tricks to create the fluffiest pancakes without any nasty plastic.   

Skip the store-bought  

We know, we know, it’s so tempting to buy store-bought pancake mix. But with all the plastic it’s wrapped in, it’s not the best idea for the planet. So instead, why not make your own? With most pancake recipes using around three to four ingredients, it’s only one or two steps more in the cooking process. And they’ll taste even more delicious!  

Use real lemons  

Who doesn’t love sprinkling their pancakes with sugar and lemon? Instead of going for the lemon juice in a plastic bottle, opt for buying a whole lemon instead. It’ll taste much fresher, and you can pop the lemon peel in a compost bin when you’re done.  

Go for sustainably packaged syrup  

Want to make your pancakes even sweeter? When looking for the proper syrup, try golden syrup in tins or maple syrup in glass bottles. That way, you can still enjoy your delicious pancakes without any harmful plastic.   

Try plastic free toppings  

We’ve already covered lemon and syrup, but what about any other fun topping combos? For a warm apple and cinnamon combination, look for apples in paper bags (like ours right here!). Bananas and peanut butter are always a winning combination and go great on pancakes too! Find bananas not wrapped in plastic (they already have their own natural packaging) and opt for peanut butter in a glass jar. Is anyone hungry, or is it just us?  

We hope these ideas help you create the best plastic free pancakes you’ve had! And if you’re stuck for some inspo, we’ve got a delicious perfectly different blueberry pancake recipe that the whole family will love. Happy Pancake Day!

What else can you make with zero waste?

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