How To Make Plastic Free Ice Lollies

Written by Ollie Wilkinson

plastic free ice pops

We can’t guarantee sunshine or rainbows this summer, but we can help you make a delicious, eco-friendly ice lolly. 

Our summer ice lolly recipe is as cold as ice and a plastic free paradise. Made using return and reuse glass-bottled drinks, these fab ice lollies are up there with the most thirst-quenching and refreshing summer treats. They’re as tasty as they are environmentally savvy, a real winner all around! So, lickety-split! Dive into a world of icy wonder with your favourite ice lolly.

Why plastic free?

Just 12% of plastic thrown away each week is recycled, with the rest either buried in landfill, shipped overseas or incinerated. Recycling isn’t enough, it’s best to go plastic free wherever possible. Our mission is to make this lifestyle change as easy as possible for you.

This tasty, plastic free frozen treat will help you beat the summer heat, without melting the planet or breaking the bank. 

Plastic free ice lolly recipe:

Ingredients (for x12 ice lollies):

Did you know we collect and reuse or recycle our glass drinks bottles? Our returnable glass-bottled drinks include a wide range of flavours, all of which taste amazing as ice lollies. Even if we do say so ourselves… 

Find your new fave flavour from our top recommendations: 


  • 1. Pour your fruit juice or milkshake evenly into your muffin tray moulds. 
  • 2. Place carefully in your freezer – ideally on a level surface. 
  • 3. Wait an hour. If your popsicles are beginning to freeze and are no longer liquid, push a popsicle stick into each of your moulds. 
  • 4. Wait at least another three hours, or until your moulds are frozen solid. For the best ice lollies, we recommend leaving overnight. 
  • 5. Once they’ve frozen solid, you can remove each one from its mould. If they start to stick, you can use a knife to gradually and carefully remove them from the tray. 
  • 6. Enjoy! 

Bonus tip: If you want to throw in some extra fruity flavour, why not chop up some fresh fruit and sprinkle it in your muffin moulds? 

Or, if you really want to push the boat out, chop up some sweet treats and combine them with a milkshake base. We’d recommend Chocoloato – Chocolate Oat Drink with Vegan dark chocolate brownie chunks really to impress your vegan friends. 

Whatever you fancy, the possibilities are endless with this ice lolly recipe, so, ready, steady, freeze!

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